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Our Archivements

Together, we celebrate victories and learn from defeats, cultivating not only great athletes but also exceptional individuals who embody integrity and teamwork.

Maansi Secured Silver Medal in Under 14 Age Category Triathlon in BUDAA (Bangalore Urban District Athletic Association) Meet.

At the NIDJAM (National Inter District Junior Meet), where 900 kids from across India took part, Maansi secured a position in the top 10 for the under 14 Girls Category Triathlon (Which included 60m, Standing Jump, and 600m events).

Maansi’s remarkable accomplishment involved clinching two gold medals in the U16 Girls’ 100m and 300m sprint events during the Namakkal District Athletic Meet held on August 19th and 20th, 2023.

During the Namakkal District Athletic Meet, Yeshmitha secured dual gold medals in the U-14 Girls long jump and 60m events.

At the Namakkal District Athletic Meet, Sasthi achieved the Gold medal in the U-14 Boys Triathlon event.

Nehan attained the Bronze medal in the U-14 Boys Triathlon event at the Namakkal District Athletic Meet.