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Affiliated to BUDAA (Bangalore Urban District Athletic Association - Karnataka)


About Us

SST is a fun filled Athletics coaching center, where we welcome runners of all abilities, from serious Athletes to those who want to keep fit and healthy. We keenly look to sharpen and strengthen the grass root athletes towards their goals. Our team involves in diverse athletics competitions, from inter-district, state level competitions to national competitions. All training is led by certified coaches who are also certified first-aider.

Our Vision

Becoming a Global Force in Sports Excellence: Our vision for Sathish Sports Team is to be recognized as a dominant and respected entity in the world of sports. We aspire to cultivate a legacy of unparalleled achievements, consistently producing exceptional athletes who shine on both national and international stages. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we aim to push the boundaries of human potential in sports. As ambassadors of athleticism and sportsmanship, we envision a future where our athletes inspire generations to come, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports and making us a beacon of excellence in the sporting community.

Our Mission

Empowering Athletes, Inspiring Champions: At Sathish Sports Team, our mission is to foster a culture of excellence and dedication in sports. We are committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers athletes to achieve their full potential. Through unwavering passion, teamwork, and perseverance, we strive to inspire champions who not only excel in their respective sports but also embody integrity, sportsmanship, and leadership. Together, we embrace the spirit of competition, celebrating every victory and learning from every challenge, as we embark on a journey of continuous growth and success.
SST – Director
Sathish Thangavel
(B.E & MS Aerospace Engineer)

IAAF, AFI CECS Level 1 & NSNIS SAI Certified Coach.
STO, DTO Technical official

Sathish crossed paths with the legendary V R Beedu, the recipient of the Dronacharya Award. The encounter left him deeply inspired, leading him to undergo a year of training under him. Later, upon discovering that V.R. Beedu sir had transitioned to a coaching role, Sathish Thangavel was motivated to offer a similar coaching experience through the Athletic Federation of India. This initiative draws inspiration from V.R. Beedu sir’s disciplined approach to athletics coaching, aiming to foster, uplift, and support grassroots children in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Notably, this coaching program seeks to engage not only children but also adults at all levels, encouraging them to dedicate a part of their time to athletics.